torsdag 4. september 2008

Can´t help myself - got to write a little more

I´m returning to Svalbard this weekend to do two things - go hiking and open a small exhibition in one of the local café´s (Fruene kaffe & vinbar). I´m exhibitng photos this time - you can see one of them underneath and more of them here.

And that´s all - I´m not starting blogging again, I´m not. Not now, anyway.

3 kommentarer:

Simen sa...

What a pity that you don't wnt to blog anymore. But why don't you start a new blog, one with your impressions from your hometown Bergen.
You don't need to blog every day, not even every week, just now and then.


Simen sa...

By the way, the photos are wonderful.

Anne sa...

As you see, it seems I can´t stop! But only now and then...